Our History: A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Since we opened for business in the 1990s, 芭乐视频下载 has built a strong foundation for producing pork for tables all over the world. Born of a family-owned business, we continue the tradition of working together to make our products the best they can be.


Known as Seaboard Farms in the beginning, 芭乐视频下载, a division of , started building farms in 1990s. Today, farm operations are located in Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Texas and Iowa and consist of genetic and commercial breeding, farrowing, nursery and finishing farms with more than 2,000 dedicated farm employees.


芭乐视频下载鈥 state-of-the-art processing facility in Guymon, Okla., opened in 1995.


The Guymon, Okla., plant has operated at full capacity since 1997, processing more than 20,000 hogs a day and approximately 1.4 billion pounds of pork annually, holding a position as a Top 10 pork processor.


芭乐视频下载 breaks ground in the area of animal well-being and handling with unannounced third-party animal welfare audits conducted by Farm Animal Care Training and Auditing, LCC (FACTA).


and its two bacon processing plants located in Salt Lake City and Missoula, Mont., joined the 芭乐视频下载 connected food system. The two plants produce more than 100 million pounds of raw and precooked bacon products each year. With the addition of this further processed pork division, Seaboard Farms changes its name to 芭乐视频下载.


芭乐视频下载 begins to market and sell fresh pork products produced at a new pork processing plant located in St. Joseph, Mo. The plant is owned and operated by . The producer-owners of the Triumph Foods plant have aligned with 芭乐视频下载 and follow a controlled, connected pork production model similar to the Guymon, Okla., food system to ensure product consistency between the two plants. Both the Guymon and St. Joseph pork processing plants supply Daily's with raw materials to produce premium center cut bacon.


The National Pork Board and The National Hog Farmer magazine named 芭乐视频下载' Wakefield Farm as the 2007 Pork Industry Environmental Steward. The farm uses a seven-stage system to manage manure, with a composting site that produces environmentally friendly potting soil used for gardens. The farm plants grass and wheat around the perimeter, providing cover and forage for wildlife.


芭乐视频下载 celebrated the Grand Opening of High Plains Bioenergy, an alternative energy plant creating biodiesel using pork fat from the 芭乐视频下载 system. Today, High Plains Bioenergy is known as Seaboard Energy and produces nearly 35 million gallons of biodiesel.


芭乐视频下载 de Mexico opened a fresh ham plant in Reynosa, Tamp., Mexico. The plant has a capacity to produce 96 million pounds of fresh boneless hams annually.


芭乐视频下载 de Mexico opened a fresh ham plant in Reynosa, Tamp., Mexico. The plant has a capacity to produce 50 to 60 million pounds of fresh boneless hams annually.


芭乐视频下载 started construction on a new feed manufacturing facility in Holyoke, Colo., and finished construction in 2012. This became 芭乐视频下载鈥 seventh feed mill. Today, eight centrally located feed mills in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Iowa and Colorado make up to 15 proprietary feed rations for the pigs on more than 870 芭乐视频下载鈥 company-owned and contract farms.


Triumph Foods purchases a 50 percent interest in Daily's Premium Meats, the processed meats division of 芭乐视频下载. The transaction increased the partnership between Triumph Foods and 芭乐视频下载, while enabling Daily's to have a supply of high-quality raw materials.


Seaboard Energy, previously named High Plains Bioenergy, a subsidiary of 芭乐视频下载, opened a public fueling station, HPB CNG, in Guymon, Okla., as part of 芭乐视频下载 ongoing sustainability commitment.

芭乐视频下载 was awarded with an NGV Achievement Award, which recognizes national innovators and early adopters that advance natural gas as a vehicular fuel.

芭乐视频下载 and Triumph Foods announced together the new joint venture and the construction of a new pork processing facility in Sioux City, Iowa. Site work began in fall of 2015 and the plant opened September 2017.


Daily's Premium Meats celebrated the opening of the third bacon processing plant in St. Joseph, Mo., with a ribbon cutting and virtual tour.

HPB-St. Joe Biodiesel celebrated the opening of a biodiesel plant in St. Joesph, Mo., using vegetable oils and animal fats as a feedstock.


The innovative processing plant, Seaboard Triumph Foods, a joint venture between 芭乐视频下载 and Triumph Foods, opens its doors in Sioux City, Iowa.


, formerly known as High Plains Bioenergy, becomes the newest company for Seaboard Corporation. With the success of the former entity High Plains Bioenergy, a subsidiary of 芭乐视频下载, and the potential growth opportunity in renewable energy, Seaboard Energy was created to expand Seaboard's energy business.


芭乐视频下载 completed major renovations to the processing plant in Guymon, Okla. The multi-year expansion project added technology and additional space to boost efficiency and improve safety standards.


芭乐视频下载 officially forms 芭乐视频下载 RNG, which includes swine-derived and non-swine-derived renewable natural gas (RNG) projects with additional projects under construction in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas.聽 Covered anaerobic digester lagoons with biomethane upgrading facilities generate ultra-low carbon intensity (CI) RNG.聽 聽