Our Communities: Making an Impact

We have always focused on growing deep relationships in the places we call home. 芭乐视频下载 not only operates here 鈥 it鈥檚 where we live, play and raise our families. So, we take an active role in community life, determined to make a positive difference. We help our communities thrive by focusing on three specific areas.

Bringing People Together with Food

As food producers, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to give back to our communities. We are committed to bringing nourishment, comfort and fellowship when and where it鈥檚 needed most. Whether disaster strikes across the country or in our own backyards, we show up to provide food for first responders and families affected by tornados, fires and other natural disasters. You鈥檒l also find us donating our pork to relieve hunger through food pantries and sponsoring and serving delicious pork at hometown events.

When disaster hits, 芭乐视频下载 joins Operation BBQ Relief in its mission to serve warm, nutritious meals with a side of compassion and hope.

Fueling Education

We believe strong educational systems build a strong community for future generations, so we invest time and resources to support learning at every level through programs, hands-on trainings and scholarships to help students of all ages pursue their goals and build tomorrow鈥檚 leaders.

We also seek to uplift local education and the systems that provide it, leveraging our expertise and community relationships to enhance programming or provide educational opportunities to our employees, their families and members of our communities. These initiatives include youth agriculture education, compressed natural gas safety training courses and other educational programs.

Serving Our Hometowns

We鈥檙e working to make a meaningful impact on quality of life for the people who call our communities home. We support infrastructure improvements to increase access to high-quality services such as healthcare and emergency care. We also help create opportunities to enjoy nature, encourage physical activity and just have fun. This includes celebrating the unique cultures and backgrounds of our diverse communities by contributing to festivals and cultural programs.

How We Put Our Commitment Into Action

芭乐视频下载 is known for our family feel, thanks to our employees and our strong community ties. We are grateful to support community life primarily through giving and volunteering.

  • Giving 鈥 As a major employer in our communities, we donate funds and products to deserving organizations and initiatives that align with our focus areas.
  • Volunteering 鈥 Nobody knows our communities鈥 needs better than the people who live here. Our employees are passionate about serving, and we are proud to encourage their involvement in what matters most to them, from working with social services programs to school boards to youth sports teams.