Our Mission for Animal Care and Providing Affordable Food

At 芭乐视频下载, we raise pigs to feed families, and we are committed to making sure they're cared for humanely. A comprehensive animal care program, developed and overseen by our team of veterinarians and carried out by our farm employees, helps keep our pigs as healthy and comfortable as possible. Our ultimate goal? Producing safe, nutritious, quality pork for our customers and consumers.

Our Ultimate Goal is Producing Safe, Nutritious, Quality Pork for Our Customers and Consumers.

And because we oversee the facilities where we mix our feed from local grains, the farms where we raise the pigs and the plants where our pork is made, we 鈥 and our customers and consumers 鈥 can be certain our animals have been raised and cared for properly.

Veterinary Oversight

Our team of veterinarians guides all of our decisions on the care of our pigs, and helps us continuously identify and implement improvements, like adopting needle-free vaccination in 2006. They collaborate with nutritionists on customized nutrition plans for every stage in our animals' development. They advise and oversee our disease-control efforts, diagnose illness and supervise targeted treatment of our herds, as well as oversee routine procedures. And ensure our barns are designed and maintained for optimal comfort and well-being.

Herd Health and Biosecurity

At 芭乐视频下载, we know that healthy pigs lead to safe food. We have detailed herd health plans and biosecurity protocols to help ensure pig health and comfort.

learn how we use antibiotics responsibly to keep our pigs healthy

learn about our herd health plan and biosecurity protocols

Animal Welfare Monitoring

We maintain an animal handling program built around hands-on monitoring from our trained team, as well as from third-parties, to ensure the proper care for our animals and safe, quality pork. Additionally, we enforce a zero-tolerance policy for animal mistreatment and adhere to care standards set by the North American Meat Institute, National Pork Board and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

learn more about our zero tolerance policy

Animal Care Training

At 芭乐视频下载, we think the best food systems start with people being connected and knowing why they do what they do. Therefore, we have a variety of ongoing training programs for our employees, and every year we train all farm employees on humane animal care. We also train and certify our teams in proper animal handling who move our pigs from the barns to the trailers. This training instills the right mindset and skills for safe and humane practices in our barns and processing plants, and provides detailed information about how to properly care for our pigs to ensure their well-being and safeguard their health.